The Achievement Center at RVCC

Person Centered/Student Centered

The Achievement Center utilizes Person Centered Thinking tools in much of its curriculum around student planning for both the Career Plan and College Plan that are resulting assignments for first year students. Further, some of these tools are utilized for ongoing learning to develop each student’s conception of themselves as a learner, as a pre-professional and as the person in charge of their choices toward their goals. These tools were originally developed to assist consumers and staff in adult service settings transfer control of the Service Plan (Sometimes known as The Essential Lifestyle Plan, Individual Service Plan or other) to the person served and cover a wide range of topics from interpersonal communication to citizenship. We regard many of these planning tools as best practice and as such see their relevance in the classroom environment where students are engaged in learning about themselves as students and deciding on the many ways they can learn, demonstrate knowledge and identify areas and skills where they desire improvement.