The Achievement Center at RVCC

Why College?

The Achievement Center believes that for many prospective students, college is the right environment to continue toward employment, begin the process of lifelong learning, approach a single topic of interest and many other valid goals that should be equally available to all adults within our community.  

Why college?

  • Because learning is life-long
  • Because navigating college is a blueprint for navigating life
  • Because choice in what and how to learn is most available in the collegiate environment
  • Because college is more than classes; it is interests, personal connections and civic engagement
  • Because interpersonal skills learned in college translate to those used in career life
  • Because college means greater student-centered choices
  • Because college provides time and space to plan your life and career goals alongside your peers
  • Because the choice to attend college should be equally possible across the spectrum of abilities
  • Because more and more young adults and non-traditional aged students with intellectual disabilities want it


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