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The Arc Action Alert - Protect Social Security



The Issue: As the nation celebrates the 75th birthday of the Social Security system, the presidentially appointed National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform is working to identify policies to improve the nation's fiscal situation, including ways to reduce the federal deficit by 2015. One work group is discussing issues related to mandatory spending, which includes Social Security benefits. The Commission's final report and recommendations are due in December.

What This Means for People with Disabilities and their Families: Social security benefits could be significantly reduced.

Why Social Security is so Important. Social Security is far more than a retirement program. More than a third of people who receive monthly social security payments are not retirees, including:

8 million disabled workers
1.8 million children of disabled workers
900,000 disabled adult children
200,000 disabled widow(er)s.

Workers who pay Social Security taxes qualify for disability and retirement benefits, and, if they die, their spouses and children receive survivors' benefits. People with disabilities may receive Social Security's retirement, survivors, and disability insurance benefits based on their work history, age, or eligibility category.

Our Message: Social Security must continue to provide insurance against poverty in retirement years and against disability that limits a person's ability to work.


Please help educate Members of Congress and the public about why Social Security is so important by:

Calling your Senators and Representatives at their home / District offices. Please contact them during the Congressional recess that ends on Tuesday, September 14.

Attending any local events that they are holding in your area. Check their individual websites for local events. Search for your Senators' web pages at: (at top right of page) and your representative's web page at .

What to say:

Social Security has been a critical foundation for families for 75 years.
Social Security's funding is not part of the deficit problem. In fact, the Social Security trust funds have a surplus of $2.6 trillion for paying future benefits. There is no need to cut Social Security benefits.
Social Security is a promise made to all workers to provide a guaranteed basic income when they retire, become disabled, or leave loved ones behind. Please ensure that promise of Social Security will continue to be there for people who work and pay into the system.
Eleven million people with disabilities and their families, about one third of recipients, rely on social security for their survival.