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From The Arc of the United States: Reinforce to the White House "Don't Cut Our Lifeline!"

Recently, The Arc accepted an invitation to visit the White House with families from Texas, Georgia, West Virginia, and Virginia to share how effective Medicaid is for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) and the important lifeline to services and supports it provides. The Arc thanks President Obama for this invitation and for the Administration’s strong opposition to Medicaid block grants. The Arc appreciates the support the Administration has shown for Medicaid, Social Security and other programs vital to people with I/DD and urges the White House to continue to champion these programs during the deficit reduction negotiations.

With so much at stake, advocates must continue to express how crucial Medicaid is to each and every family.

Our recent action alerts have targeted Congress; this week we want the White House to hear how they must continue to champion Medicaid, Social Security and other programs that help low income individuals and people with disabilities.