What is the Achievement Center?

About the Achievement Center at RVCC

The Achievement Center is a Certificate-based post secondary education program for students with intellectual and development disabilities.  This college program is a collaboration with Raritan Valley Community College and The Arc of Hunterdon County. 

The objective of The Achievement Center is to help students transition to college and experience life on RVCC’s campus, while receiving additional support to maximize their success.  Our classes are held in RVCC’s Arts Building.

This post secondary education class format comes in many different forms such as classroom instruction to work on a students learning models and academic building blocks.  These building blocks may include critical reading; communication skills; writing essays and research papers; study habits, and time management of assignments/deadlines.

In addition, The Achievement Center puts equal importance on the social component of college life in regards to student/faculty interaction; self Advocacy with college resources; building friendships; and navigating life on campus.

Parent/Guardian and Student Testimonials

“The Achievement Center program not only offered assistance, guidance, and learning, but it allowed Zach and our children to flourish.  It helps them learn at their own pace, and challenge them with an open supports program. Zach has never been great at math, but for the first time, he received grades he never thought was possible. We are blessed to say that having Zach in the Achievement Center program has been the best thing that has ever happened to him.”

-         Andrea Casazza, parent, and Zachary Pollins, 2019 graduate of The Achievement Center at RVCC

“When our son was nearing his graduation from adult transition program in school, we were engulfed in fear about his future. We visited several college programs for this population, but always hit a wall with either acceptance or necessary supports. Our search ended with The Achievement Center at Raritan Valley Community College. The program allowed our son to get a college education program along with an aide and his communication device. Sanjit wants to get in degree in Engineering, but the Achievement Center classes broadened his interests and subjects that he started writing poems and short stories. We were blown away. We are thrilled with the discovery of his writing talent that can pave new pathways for his future. His current dream is to become an engineer, writer, and entrepreneur.”

-         Sanjit, student, and Sheela Sundar, parent

“The encouragement The Achievement Center provides the students helps them succeed and the connection with RVCC (Raritan Valley Community College) is stimulating and challenging. Yet the most important thing for me to say about The Achievement Center is that they put and emphasis on Nick’s unique individual strengths and his interests. Harnessing, developing, and encouraging Nick on how he can improve upon all the parts of his natural abilities to succeed.”

-         Jessie Waclawski, mother, to student Nick.

“It gives you confidence for college, because it makes you realize that you can go to college and succeed in what you want to achieve!”

-         Nick Waclawski, 2019 graduate of The Achievement Center, and studying to be a certified Fitness Instructor at RVCC