Peer Mentors

Peer Mentors

Peer Mentoring at The Achievement Center is designed to provide our college students a “supporting tool” that provides them with learning skills; self advocacy techniques; assistance in navigating the college campus; reinforcement study habits/time management of their course work.

Peer Mentors put an emphasis on person-centered planning and learning for their students. Peer Mentors will meet with their assigned students on a weekly or bi-weekly basis during the semester to help their students on self-determination, advocacy mechanisms, and promote individual learning.

Our Peer Mentors are aware of the many challenges our students may face both academically (class material/deadlines), and socially (inclusion, confidence-building). In unison with the students, Peer Mentors help identify and develop key skills (Active Listening, Empowerment, Study Habits) for each student.

Want to be a Peer Mentor?

Please contact Bob Hulit, Curriculum Coordinator of The Achievement Center at RVCC at You can also reach us at 732-666-4781 and at our fax number at 908-704-0850.