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When you support The Arc of Somerset County, you support Diana and our entire community. Will you help?

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November 28, 2023

Dear Friends and Families of The Arc of Somerset County,

When was the last time you sang in public? Do you remember your first dance? Your first yoga class? Were you excited, supported?

Belting out a ‘70s favorite in front of a crowd of nearly 100 friends and neighbors resulted in weeks of hallway buzz with “Did you see Diana?”  Formerly choosy about when and to whom she would speak, Diana has participated in The Arc of Somerset’s music and movement classes for years. Diana now asks many, “Did you see me at the show? Did you hear me sing?”

Some of our favorite success stories begin with shy meetings, continue with a brave walk to the class, the practice space, the stage, and end with pride. These are the moments we strive to create.

At the Arc of Somerset County, supported arts and recreation programming that prioritizes physical activity and expression at all levels, is one of the most popular opportunities we provide. It means more than a pastime. It means access to new allies in community teachers and audiences, new experiences shared with friends, newly uncovered skills, aspirations, and louder voices.

We have set a goal of $20,000 to fund two full years of engagement for nearly 150 participants accessing over 100 hours of professional instruction each year.

Will you make a gift today?

·       Your $100 gift will provide one art or music therapy class

·       Your $500 gift will provide seven yoga classes

·       Your $1,000 gift will provide ten dance classes

·       Your $5,000 gift will provide 50 group music and movement classes

Please make your donation through the DONATE button located at the top right corner of our website,, or make a check payable to The Arc Foundation of Somerset County. A remittance envelope is enclosed for your convenience.

As 2023 comes to a close, we express our gratitude to all who have supported The Arc community throughout the year and extend our thanks to new friends.

May 2024 bring you much health and happiness,                                                                      

Christopher Corvino                                                       
Executive Director           

Lisa Fielding Clymer 
Development Consultant


Donations can be made to The Arc of Somerset County by CLICKING HERE or by mailing a check made payable to: The Arc Foundation of Somerset County, 141 South Main St., Manville, NJ 08835

If you have any questions, please call our office at 908-725-8544 or email Lisa Fielding Clymer at

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The Arc of Somerset County Thanks Our Partnerships in the Somerset County Community:

  • RWJ University Hospital Far Hills Race Meeting
    RWJ University Hospital Far Hills Race Meeting
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